Review of elements of art and design

"I have neither given nor recieved unauthorized aid on this work" -Anna James

Lines- the lines for trees are straight but for the rocks they are descriptive. Shape- the rocks are a free-form shapes. Texture- the rocks have a simulated rough texture. Color- the rocks have a dull tan color and there are patches of dull green grass.
Color- the lipstick is bright red and its container is a bright gold so it sticks out when you look at the picture. Form- the shapes are simulated to look 3-D in a 2-D artwork. Lines- there are implied lines in the objects on the table and the table has implied lines to make it look like marks.
Value- there are lighter and darker values on the buildings to show where the sun is shining from. Lines- there are horizontal lines on the house in the foreground to show how it was built. Space- there is space above and inbetween the mountains in the background. Color- the colors of the houses in the foreground are darker and the houses in the middleground are more bright and light.
Texture- the grass looks soft and cut short. Lines- there are vertical and horizontal lines on the house to show how many stories there are, windows, and designs on the house. Color- the house's color is bright. Space- there is space in the frontyard and above the house and trees to create a sky.
Lines- there are bold diagonal lines on the houses to create a roof and vertical lines to show the body of the house. Space- there is lots of negative space in the background. Value- there are light values to show the wall of a building and darker values to show the outline of a building.
Credits: All media
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