Out of the Ordinary

I personally think this painting its about countries that Michael Landy has been to or important things that have happend in hils life (e.g a baby brother/sister or a baby cousin etc.).i have chosen this painting because it really cought my eye.
This painting for me shows how Sally Gobori was feeling when she painted it.
I think this sculpture shows that the artist liked or likes to play with that type of game.
For me this painting shows that the artist has been to a poor country and painted what it was like there and letting people know that we should be greatfull for what we have.
not every one is the same colour,size or shape,everyone is defferent.
The windows are all different colours which for me shows that people are not scared to be themselves around others like their friends.
this painting for me makes me think that Allan McCollum( the artist) has alot of paintings in his house.
for me this painting makes me think that it doesnt matter what you like and if poeple dont take you as you are then find other freinds
kishino Kaori has painted busses which for me personally i think when he was a kid he caught the buss to places like school.
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