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The Sassy People of The Renaissance

a. It tells us that the person is rich because the cloths has puffy shoulders and bright colors. Also she has a fancy wig. b. It tells us that she likes to draw, also it looks like a crib in the bottom right which would mean she is a mother. c. I think bad for the person because there are tears in her sleeves which could mean she was attacked d.Her name is Maria she is the wife of a wealthy merchant, and she is happy with her life even though there may be struggles she looks on the bright side. She likes drawing and art because she is holding a picture. She also likes beauty because of the flower.
a. The clothing tells us that he is a wealthy man but simple because the clothes are nice but simple. b.The background tells us he is a working man and that he enjoys it. c. I think happy for him because his work has made him wealthy. d. His name George and he is a wealthy merchant that loves his work and cares a lot about doing his job well.
a. The clothing tells us this man is very wealthy or powerful because his clothes are gold. b.The background doesn't tell us much because it is just all black. c. The artist wants us to feel like we should respect this man because he is powerful. d. His name is Andrea and he is a ruler of a city or town. He is a very chill man that is kind but very punishing when someone disobeys him.
( I am doing this on the person sitting on the right) a. Her clothing tells us that she rich because her clothes have bright colors on them. b.The background shows us that she is educated because there is a book she is reading, and that she is religious because there is an angel in the picture. Also she loves nature because she is outside in nature. c. I think the artist wants us to feel happy for her because the portrait shows her life as amazing. d. Her name is Elizabeth, and she is the daughter of a leader of a city. She is very kind and loves and cares a lot about nature, religion, and education.
a. His clothing tells us that he is a poor or middle class man that is religious because his clothes are gray and he is wearing a cross necklace. b. The background is black and he takes up almost the whole portrait which tells us he wants us to focus in him only. c. The artist wants us to feel like this man has lived his life and not to feel bad for him d. His name is Giovanni and he is a middle class man. He is very simple and goes to his church regularly.
a. His clothing tells us that is a wealthy man because it is red and red was an expensive color to have your clothes back then. b. The background shows us that he likes nature because there is a bird standing in front of him c. The artist wants us to feel like he is rich and will get by just fine in life. d.His name is Antonio and he is a rich merchants son. He is stuck up and snotty about him being rich because his face look kind of snotty.
a. His clothing tells that he is a simple middle class man because his clothes are very plain. b. There is no background because he wants everyone to look at him because he thinks he is amazing. c. The artist wants us to feel bad for him because he looks very sad. d. His name is Piero and he is a middle class man. He likes himself and is secretly sad that he isn't rich.
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