In this photo you see three men working in what looks like a "sweatshop " They appear to be making misals of some sort, perhaps for a war. The men appear to be low class white males who are probably working for cheap pay. This photo like many others I chose are in black and white giving you the vibe that this is very old.
This photo shows armed forces crossing a bridge with water rite under them. This looks to be around the time of the Civil War. This was one of the bloodiest war ever. This caught my attention because in todays war times you would never see soldiers walking like this. In my time there are choppers , boats and many other means of transportation to get into enemy lines. This would be too dangerous today for soldiers to just walk into a war.
This photo shows civilians ducking for cover as they seem to be under attack. The title hints that maybe this was during the civil war and maybe those bomb being dropped upon them are the ones those guys in the very first picture of this gallery were making
This photo shows soldiers walking "Red Soldiers" back to their headquarters after being captured. This again, appears to be from the civil war. This interested me because I am always wanting to know about history I was not alive to witness. This is a black and white photo also hinting that is is very old in times where digital cameras and things did not exist. In the background it looks as if they are walking through a desert where it is very hot
This final photo is of soldiers taking cover and returning fire as they are in battle.. Again being black and white this is very old. in the background you notice what looks like mountians and a cloudy sky.
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