Danny´s contemporary gallery

This gallery represent some of my favorite contemporary art pieces, and each have a description of why I think they are powerful, and meaningful to me.

I loved this piece of art! It has many bright colors that capture my attention. An area that could be all bricks, and ugly, was changed into this beautiful piece of art that shows a man in contact with nature.
Herakut used this specific area to do this painting and give it that "old" look. This kid has his face painted to look like an old skeleton, and this old wall, with cracks on it, gave it the look that this artist wanted.
This painting seemed interesting to me, because it could mean many things. It could mean just colored squares, but the way I saw it was a blurry scene; a boat in the ocean. The squares give it an interesting look, not a like a "regular" painting.
This is a really powerful piece of art. Everybody walking on that road can look at it, not just in a certain museum. It expresses (really beautifully and with many colors) the power of "imagination"
This painting is really cool! It has many details, and I believe that they make it look the way it does. Since it doesnt have many colors, just black and maybe white, it wouldn't be attractive to see if it didn't have the little circles in the iguana's skin.
This painting shows many colors, and uses a cool area to do it. Normally parking lots look old, and this artist maybe used this area because it already looked that way and did a cool painting
This painting shows a bird who´s "feathers" are falling apart and converting into new birds. In my opinion this painting symbolizes: "Even when you are falling, new and better things will come".
This piece of art says to follow your dreams no matter what. It is very powerful and it is in public space so that everybody can see it. The few colors it has (red and blue) make it stand out, since the rest of it is pure black.
This painting reminds me of my childhood, since it has Disney characters and Jesus´birth. All the colors make it pleasurable to see, and the mixture of characters is fun!
At everybody's view you can appreciate an ocean and rocks, but when you look at it closer you can notice different shapes in the rocks. This is really detailed and it has two ways of looking at it. LOVE IT!
Credits: All media
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