Missy Uher

Heraclitus Short Project

Frag 45: Humans are a part of nature; however, we differentiated ourselves as superior and unalike. Once we realized we are codependent with nature, we united and nurtured our planet.
Frag 22: A burning coal was placed in Moses mouth in exchange for innocence. Fire and gold are compared to show the significance that each can be given in exchange for something meaningful.
Frag 67: Immortals do not truly live because they do not experience death. Life is a struggle but only because the alternative is death. Mortals experience both during their existence.
Frag 1: Landscapes consist of many different elements and pieces; however, they all appear as one unit. Every piece changes at its own pace, as well as the landscape changing as a whole.
Frag 26: Fire is constantly changing and is an element of destruction. Not only does it transform itself, but also other objects and ideas it comes in contact with.
Frag 10: Nature is evident in all things. Though man may alter nature to serve their purpose, the beauty of nature may still be revealed to those who seek it.
Frag 5: Individuals often think that they understand their own behaviors, while they may not understand the things they believe they know best. This causes a personal battle and search for identity.
Frag 83: A caterpillar rests for an extended period of time; however, while resting, a change is occurring and creating something beautiful. Resting is beneficial in order to experience new things.
Frag 25: All elements live harmoniously and rely on each other to survive. With out one of the elements, the rest could not exist. One could consider the elements as friends who help each other out.
Frag 47: The harmony in nature may be best suited unobserved. In observing a system, man often seeks to bring change. In this change, the harmony is disrupted and the beauty is lost.
Frag 40: The battle of opposites that pass into each other are a common theme. It relates to his 'weeping philosopher' label because it shows the battle between himself and society.
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