Love is worth a thousand pictures: I only have 10 though

I chose to select these ten portraits based off of the two themes of color and love. You may notice that the majority of my pictures have the color red in them. The color red has always portrayed raging anger or a burning love for someone or something so I thought what better way to portray love than look for a color that brings it out in the painting.

This is a bouquet of flowers in a very thick and detailed texture. Its usually the most preferred kind of flower preferred by women and men to give to their loved ones.
This picture of what looks like a man seeking the attention of a woman he admires or loves and she is ignoring him. The painting isn't as detailed, but the dark colors set a calm tone.
This picture seems to be depicting a wife showing her husband love and affection while their child watches.Its detailed and the red cloth sets a romantic mood.
This picture looks like a couple taking a stroll together through a garden/forest showing their appreciation for nature as well as for each other. Not detailed, but the colors portray nature.
In this defined and detailed painting, red is all over, but it mainly defines death, the sunset on a person's life, and the love of a loved one who has now lost someone.
This painting has little detail but still holds a lot of potential. The colors are bright, even the black and in my opinion, it depicts the admiration the two different people may have for each other.
The title sort of gives it away but this painting depicts the remorse a father shows for the return of his son. The colors portray a gloomy tone setting and it is very detailed .
This highly detailed painting depicts a mother and all of her children including her youngest on her lap. The rose symbolizes the love shared and the light colors set a upbringing mood/tone.
This dark colored painted sets a lovely tone, depicting a mother and her child. They are covered in red which is symbolizing love therefore love is all around them.
This color depicts a mother holding her daughter and dog. They clearly love each other. As if they had a spotlight on them, it's detailed with focus on the bright colors while the background is dark.
This lightly detailed painting depicts a happy family. Once again, love is surrounded by the color red. The red is definitely focused/highlighted on as well.
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