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This gallery will be dedicated to show the great history of African American artist from a select range of paintings, sculptures, and many more pieces of work. Greats like Jacob Lawrence, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Horace Pippen stories will be told through their artwork in this gallery, shining a light on African American art history to the world.

Jamming at the Savoy shows a house band laying out some smooth rhythm and soul music. Enjoying each others company as well as music coming together to make a masterpiece. Bearden uses bright colors in this painting to enhance the fun and excitement the band is having. The balance of the piece is well put with even flowing color and space. You can also see a movement of this work flowing from member to member as they are playing.
Bar and Grill shows us a segregated scene where there is a wall the separates the white customers from the black customers. The artist is able to enhance this image by emphasis on the characters. The white customers are shown enjoying themselves as the black customers you are off in the distance.
Harlem Street Scene shows a time where a suburb of New York City has gone into ruins as drugs sweep the borough. The artist uses color very well in this painting almost using the red as a sign of terror, the blue for hard times, and the gold for a road to riches. The balance of this piece touches on every aspect at that time in the ghetto dealing with drugs, poverty, and crime.
Waiting shows us a young girl who looks to be locked up behind barbed wire fencing. The artwork is able to connect quickly by seeing the expression of the face showing as if there is nothing else to live for. The artist does a great job of emphasis on the facial expression giving an almost surreal moment seeing a young lil girl locked up.
The Balcony shows a young woman who seems to be emotional as she watches a young man walking with another woman. The color scheme for this painting is done well using a multi color shirt on the girl from the balcony and giving the other girl a gold dress. It almost in way plays off that the girl on the balcony isn't on the same level. The unity in this piece stands out as the artist is able to bring out the situation of whats going on in the painting.
African Village shows a village of woman and children in their daily routine of working together. The artist is able to enhance the work the many colors used showing the heavy vibrance of the people in the village. The artist also brings balance to the piece showing the unity in the village and how well they work together in order to survive.
The Card Players shows to people sitting down at a friendly card game only to have tricks up their sleeves for one another. The coloring of the painting is very vibrant and brings life to the work. Both players are shown with somewhat of poker faces trying to out do each other. Woodruff does a great job bringing this piece together as the rhythm of the painting flows very well to the viewer.
Signaler II shows a woman standing with a sheet in her hands and a cliff off to the lower left of the painting. The artist is able to use color to bring out the mood and feeling from this painting. The color suggest that it is a cloudy day as the woman is all alone with nothing around but a sky and a cliff. The artist is able to bring balance to the painting with the color selection as well as the image of being alone in a dark place.
Untitled brings us into a world where everything is ying and yang or most of the the time upside down. In this painting we see a hierarchy on one side with people on top of the crown and then on the other side we see a crown on top of the people. It shows that some people are ruled by law while others are choose a different path. The unity in this piece allows the viewer to understand exactly whats going on and how people actually view life.
Genesis Creation Sermon VII shows God in a church service creating man and woman in the same day on Earth. The coloring for this is amazing as the yellow floors represents the streets paved with Gold. The green to show life and fruitfulness on earth. The red representing the blood the Jesus will shed for his people. The artist uses great balance with this piece bringing the creation of Adam and Eve to life, but from an Heavenly prospective.
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