Tribal Tribute: Sculptures; Allison Coast - SBU Clar 209 Sum 1

Sculptures are not my favorite type of art. I usually find it difficult to see the meaning or the message that the artist is trying to get through to viewers. So my gallery of sculptures is a tribute to Native Americans. I have always enjoyed learning about Native Americans and the way that they lived. 

This was the first piece that captured my eye. It looks kind of distressed to me, and as I was scrolling through sculptures, this one made me stop and go back and really look at it.
This is my favorite sculpture in my gallery. I've always loved totem poles and this one is just so detailed - I feel like I could look at it for hours.
I really thought the different perspective of this work of art was interesting.
This work of art is simple, yet complicated. It really makes me think about Native American lifestyles and the things that they went through throughout their lives.
This sculpture speaks leader to me, not just because it is of an Indian Chief. The look on his face really speaks to me. This is another favorite of mine.
Credits: All media
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