What role does race play in society?

Contemporary society has many different roles that need to be filled, Race as shown through art has contributed to these people and their lives.

In this picture it is demonstrated that there is a black man, but everything is blank and normal, except for his skin showing. This demonstrates the concept of the other by showing how he has back skin, and it is odd, not normal.
This image of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michael Basquiat destroys the idea that art can be multicultural. Both races are displayed, and the whole color spectrum is displayed. They have boxing gloves representing their struggles against one another.
This is Horace Pippins depiction of an average African American Christmas morning. The setting is very decorated, but there is an absence of presents under the tree. Where there is a lack of materialistic value, they make up for it in morals.
This painting is an interpretation of plantation life and the lot of African American slaves. Old black Joe is carrying a leash that is controlling a smaller white man. The power dynamic is switched between the usual african slave and the white plantation owner.
This painting gives vibrant glimpses into social gatherings for the older African American communities. The African Americans are not that much different than the white community.
In this picture three races (White, Native, and African) are all playing in a game of cards. They are all playing together demonstrating a community where everyone is competing for the ultimate prize, freedom and power.
In this painting, the white man is dragging along the minority. The minority is carrying many form of intelligence, which I interpret as them having to work hard just to work for the white man, then the white man is the one who benefits.
This shows the feelings of an African American after a close person has been murdered. The other in the case is the African, and this demonstrates how they are just as human as others, they have feelings like any other human.
This man is struggling with the boa constrictor of racism, I can relate this to Malcolm X, and today's society. When you are a race, there is nothing you can do to change it, and that is the analogy presented here, there is no escaping.
This picture I am including to show the broader aspect of racism, at the end of my gallery. Racism is not limited to just African-Americans in our country. There are many more discriminated races, just like the native american portrayed here with his back to the American. This represents how blind they were when they accepted the new explorers.
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