I chose these paintings because they all tell a story that you kind of have to figure out.                                   Gallery created by: Katie Galloway

This watercolor actually has no meaning. Lettl say, "these experiments were not beautiful, but they were always something that had not existed before, and of which I had had no idea, either." I chose this painting because it reminds me of Salvedor Dali's works, and he is my favorite.
This painting also somewhat reminds me Dali's work. because of the spacing and layout of the painting. Curious.
This Oil Painting caught my attention, not only because of the content, but because spacing and where the painting directs your eyes.
I chose this picture mainly because there is a floating goat. Also there is a chicken in the corner and the rump of the chicken is the head of a man... if this were my paintings I know just whos face I would put there.
This picture is the definition of more than meets the eye. As seen above, the naked woman must represent despair, the humiliation and vulnerability of being a woman in this time. Beneath her represents the dangers of the world below masked by the beauty.
Wolfgang Lettl wrote this about this painting: The mobile, progress-oriented society runs back and forth aimlessly and headlessly. It draws its legitimacy from the number of followers. If everybody does it, it can't be wrong. They are all pursuing happiness. I fear they have lost the keys.
This is a very different style than the others. it is from a much earlier time and is about fairytale type of story.
This one I was pretty excited to read about and there is no discription... that is the best part.
I liked how heavily worked this paint was and the thickness. I wanted to see more about it. it also does not follow the looks of the other but it is curious.
this is really interesting and notice that it is made of fibers. zoom in I dare you. you will be shocked.
Credits: All media
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