Música en silencio - lee saenz

This Google Art gallery is a showcase of captivating and moving images, sculptures, illustrations, and various other mediums of artwork that depict the subject of music and feeling through movement, color and other formal design principles and design elements.  

This image, photographed by the Global Street Art Foundation, depicts what appears to be a skeleton of a cat, split in half, revealing a piano within. The drab gray of the cat-piano contrasts the blue and pink hues in the background, making it stand out, even though it is muted. The artist uses the element of movement to separate the cat, show the piano, and add perspective of the subject moving towards you. These elements come together to create a strange but beautiful musical image that really stands amongst the bland urban medium on which it is painted.
This image captures the artists father, playing in his band, through the use of complimentary colors and movement. Movement is represented through the repetition of shapes and color overlaying the musicians, and through the musician's themselves, who appear to be playing their instruments in a band. The colors inspire the feeling of a cool jazz lounge and easy listening. The colors of the 1950's style clothes that the members are wearing is also reminiscent of the time during which it was painted.
At first glance, this painting reminds me of Bob Dylan. The dark color of the ink contrasts the background of the yellowed paper nicely, not only creating a balance of color, but a texture as well. The texture really sells this piece for me because the scratched ink on the paper feels very folk artsy, just like the subject depicted. The movement shown in this work of art is shown as motion in the ink lines, it is shown as the contrast of intricacy and roughness between the guitar player and the wheel in the background, and it is shown in the guitar player himself, who is playing his music.
As someone from the South, I have always grown up around Louisianna and jazz styled artwork, so I know from experience that jazz and art go hand-in-hand. The vibrant complimentary colors of the suits and saxophones create a balance that is seen on the smooth expressions of the saxophone players. Along with the vivid colors, this painting conveys the feeling that nightclub jazz music brings well. Through the movement and repetition of shapes in the players' suits, the instruments they are playing, and the players themselves, the piece allows one to imagine what watching the music in person would be like.
This painting by William Edward Narraway reminds me of Disney's Fantasia. The overlapping repetition of motion suggests the feeling of someone who is drunk off of the emotions of watching this performance. It is a surreal feeling that one usually only experiences through music, art or some form of love and interest. The deep colors and dark silhouetted suit of the conductor give a very intense and dramatic mood. This oddly contrasts the conductor's facial expression, which suggests he is at ease and in his element.
This sculpture from 1949 gives one a clever feeling of rhythm through the movement and posture of the body, and its smooth texture. The sculpture suggests that the flute player's musical rhythm is flowing like water. This movement is also reflected in the fabric that the subject is wearing. The black of the medium reflects a purple colored light, contrasting the shadow onto the same purple lighting. This is a simple balance of uniformity, showing that not much is necessary to convey this feeling aside from the snakelike posture of the player and the detail with which he was created.
Benny Goodman is completely engulfed in the sound of music, as depicted in this painting by Rene Robert Bouche. The sparkling lights of the background and whatever else is going on are blur to the observer, who is completely captivated by the musical fire that is spewing from Goodman's clarinet. In addition, the bright yellows and purples of the background give a contrasting background to Goodman, the subject, who is dressed in formal symphonic attire. His expression suggests that Goodman is also lost in the music, which is a wonderful feeling. One can feel the rapid movement of his fingers through the motion of brush strokes in the background and the hurried nature of the strokes in general.
The subjects dancing to song in this photograph are especially captivating because of their dark silhouetted contrast against the soft yellows and feathered edges of the background. This conveys a very humbling emotion and possibly fear due to the war dance occurring not far from the observer, who watches from a distance and may or may not be familiar with their customs. The dancers around the circle exhibit the principle of movement though their dance. The smoke in the air also gives a sense of movement to the image.
This image is a great example of the simplicity and movement of line. Through few pen strokes, we see an old style parchment illustration of music being performed. The movement and soft curves of the lines are very important here because without them, the image would convey a completely different meaning, which is comfort and serenity. Because it's an illustration, it uses the natural color and texture of the paper, contrasted with the dark reddish black colors of the ink. In this case, the color just adds to the authentic and simple feel of the drawing.
Rosso Fiorentino's Musical Angel uses warm, fiery colors juxtaposed with the solemn face of the cupid style angel that is playing the lute to show the beauty of both the angel and the music she plays. The fact that the angel is young suggests an innocence and beauty from innocence as we often subconsciously require from our beautiful or young entertainers. Beauty is also expected of angels. The golden lute and combination of little fingers, feel like a beautiful, soft tune would come from that lute. The movement of the flowing hair and its red color make it stand out the most. In addition, all of these colors on a dark background make them glow even more.
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