Beautiful Egyptian art

This peice of artwork is from the 14th Century B.C. It's material is pottery. It is several shades of brown with an elegant flow of curves. This makes the artwork beautiful. It also displays tension
Carpets like this were made mostly for luxury trade with the Europeans. Their name comes from the dynasties that ruled Egypt from 1250-1517. The pattern is unique, with a dominant medallian surrounded
The decoration of this flask might represent the tale of the young god Horus. After being stung by a scorpion, he was brought back to life by Thoth. Cameo glass was rare since it was so hard to make
Gerome created a portrait of a peasant from his visits to Egypt. It served as a study for a painting now lost, portyaying the labor. Even though the drawing is realistic, they are "seldom objective records"
This finger-ring shows Hathor, an Egyptian goddess. On both sides of her are cats, possibly recognized as the goddess Basket. The rig might have symbolized love. It is made of a quartz material, and is glazed through firing
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