The World of blue

Hello and welcome to my world of blue. I invite you to take a look around the artwork I have chosen and enjoy the beautiful color of blue. Enjoy as these blue exhibits it brings out life, calmness and understanding. Please also take the time to read the little comments on why I choose these pieces.

This artwork is called Full Moon by P.S. Krøyer in 1894. This is an oil on wood painting. I choose this painting because of the moment captured of the moonlight lighting the night sky and giving us a beautiful midnight blue color.
The Blue and White plate with Maid Painting is a very Interesting work of art to me. This type of art is called porcelain. I love the mixtures of blues the artist uses they really compliment one another and bring out the beauty of the plate as a whole. I really appreciate the detail given to the woman's face and hair.
The PH-160 is an oil on canvas painting by Clyfford Still in 1957. I really can't explain why I chose this painting but I felt my interest peak and decided to pick it. I enjoy the choice of blues the artist choose.
Much like the Blue and White plate with Maid Painting this vase was made during the Yuan Dynasty. I love the detail of the artwork that was done on this vase.
The Blue Lotus Chalice is an Faience type of art. This caught my eye because of the type of blue used. It looks like a Blue Radiance with a darker and acrylic texture.
This Sake ewer to me is a wonderful indigo blue color and is simply put amazing.
This is a Oil on Canvas painting. I can't help but to target my Interest to the Symbols decorated around the border of the painting.
The type of painting here is called Gouache. I enjoy the use of the chamelon and their camoflauge. The use of the different blues are wonderful.
This is an oil on canvas paint. I like how Munch recreated this scenery and how the little spots of light created by the stars create the midnight blue we are witnessing.
Serie" Ninos Mexocanos" loro is a screen printing. I love the use of the sky blue used by the artist I believe it goes perfectly with the little girl showing her loveliness as a child.
Another oil on canvas painting. I like this painting because it actually looks like your in snow. I love all the different types of blue used in the painting. Especially on the snow.
This is another version of starry nights by Edvard Munch. you can really notice the brush strokes in this painting.
This is a sidewall painting. I really enjoy the use of blue in this painting like that the artist chose to use the wings instead of the body.
This is an stained glass artwork. I thing that this is really awesome its really symbolic and carefully done. I wonder if it is one of the stain glasses that changes color when lights hit or doesn't hit it.
This is a sidewall Painting. Needless to say I take a liking to this because of the nature feel that this painting gives off. I think that the types of leaves used really compliment each other.
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