Cupid & Psyche: Love Conquers all

This gallery includes representations of the God of Love, Cupid and the princess Psyche in painting, sculpture, and other mediums. A love story between a human and a God that had to endure trials to be accepted by the Gods and be together. Gallery created by: Elecia Kittrell

Amor and Psyche is a sculpture showing a dramatic moment between the princess and the God of Love. Cupid is seen pushing away Psyche after his true identity was revealed. The sculpture of the two is crafted out of beautiful marble, giving the sculpture a smooth, shiny appearance.
Allergory of Love is an oil on canvas painting that shows Cupid going to see Psyche in the middle of the night. Cupid appears in his concealed form, so he doesn’t reveal to Psyche the immortal form. This painting is very subtle, fuzzy even, giving it a dream-like appearance.
Cupid and Psyche is a sculpture created to appreciate the love the God and the mortal princess had between each other. It was a difficult, dramatic love that went through many trials before their love was finally accepted by the gods. The sculpture appears very coarse and rough, not stated what type of medium was used.
Cupid and Psyche was created to show a moment in time when Psyche opened a forbidden box given to her by Venus and fell into a deep sleep. Cupid is seen here approaching the princess in order to wake him up by touching her with his arrow. The setting is very calm with earthy tones, giving it a more natural look for a mythological couple.
Cupid and Psyche, a marble sculpture of the God of Love, Cupid and the princess Psyche, his true love. Psyche is seen here passing a butterfly to Cupid, a symbol that is interpreted by the Ancient Greeks as her “handing her soul” over to Cupid.
Cupid and Psyche, an oil on canvas painting where Cupid appears to be sleeping after coming to visit Psyche one night under his alias appearance. When Psyche gets curious while Cupid sleeps, she takes a lantern light and looks upon Cupid in his true form. A very dramatic and flowing picture, you can tell Cupid is trying to escape the light Psyche is holding.
Cupid and Psyche is a painting created with mezzotint on medium, slightly textured, cream laid paper. It is a painting of Cupid coming to Psyche’s aid after she has fallen into a deep sleep. In her right hand she holds the box that Venus gave her, telling her not to open it, but after peeking into it curiously, she fell into a deep slumber. The picture is very pale and dark, giving it an eerie feeling.
Cupid and Psyche is a picture created by engraving on laid paper. It shows Cupid coming to visit Psyche while she sleeps, bringing her a present of some sort it would appear. Around them are small angels that are assisting the God of Love. The texture in this picture is extremely visible, almost seemly able to reach out and touch it because of it’s appearance.
Cupid and Psyche, Verso. A painting of the God of Love, Cupid, visiting the princess Pysche while she sleeps. He appears to have the end of his arrows, holding it out to prick her with while she is sleeping. The painting was created using grey-brown ink with white body-colour on brown paper.
Credits: All media
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