Ladies of the 1880's - Erin Floyd

This galleries is comprised of many forms of women from tending to a garden to taking care of a child or riding in a boat. These are the women of the 1880's.

This portrayal of a young serving-girl, neatly-dressed in rural peasant costume, holding out a plate of opened oysters and a lemon, is typical of Gussow’s minutely detailed realism.
The Garden Wall, though completed in 1880, is related to a sketch Homer did in 1878. He enjoyed a lengthy stay at Houghton Farm. While there, he created a series of paintings depicting boys and girls.
Cassatt was one of a relatively small number of American women to become professional artists in the 19th-century when most women, particularly wealthy ones, did not pursue a career.
The way the parasol is lying on the ground, with the handle pointing into the air, is also like that other pictures of this period by Miralles. This is the time of influence from the French impression
With its delicately rendered facial features and spontaneous handling of the medium, this is a striking example of Renoir’s Impressionist portraits.
In the 1880s, painting women with inner lives of their own clearly demonstrates how women are arriving at a new sense of selfworth.This woman is her own mistress, and she knows how to cultivate nature
This work is one of his most highly finished of his boating series. The blue and rose coloration that the scene contrasts with the freshness of green and vermilion to creates a rich, dreamlike image. The figures shown are Suzanne and Blanche, two of Mrs. Hoschedé's children.
Mary Cassatt, being one of the first women to be a renowned artist, enjoyed portraying women, specifically with child.
This work is one of the works that have been produced in between the Bellevue stay during the summer. Per it is skillfully portrays a woman's body while leaving, as well as modeling sense extraordinary Manet feel the modern and cosmopolitan sensibility.
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