This image was praised when it was showcased at the second impressionist exhibition in 1876. A combination of landscape painting and figure painting using Monet's favorite subject.Done in a single session in order to depict a casual family outing.
At dusk showing people chatting on a promenade by the sea. This seen is considered impressionist although it was not completed during the impressionist period.
Shown in the Impression Exhibition at Buxton Art Gallery in Melbourne. Cridicks claimed the work seemed very "slap-dash" which it was. He used very few colors making your focus the sunset and the silhouetes of the man and women.
Done during the Impressionist movement in France. This painting captures the early morning sunrise and the middle class at work. Japanese influenced with use of light and short brush strokes of color.
Shown in the first impressionist exhibition, this work depicts a sunday afternoon dance. Showing mingling of everyday people at the Montmartre district of paris.
This work has a very dream like appearance, depicting the perfect day. His interest in photography and Japanese ukiyoe prints apparent with his use of reflection and light composition.
Many of Cassatt's works depict the home life and this piece is no different. Her work invoked emotions as it depicted the tenderest moments. She too was very influenced by Japanese work as seen in the floral print work in the background.
Depicting modern life as done by Monet and Renoir however Saurat chooses to also shows how light appears in nature.
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