Drum it Up! by dan sheahan

Drumming up audiences from all over the world DRUM IT UP! is an art gallery that using various forms of textures and musically based showcases many variations of art work incorporating the age old musical instrument that is the drum. As a drum connoisseur myself I feel drums always are my heart beat. Drums make people move and can emulate an immense amount of joy in the world. 

These kettle drums from the mid to late 1700s have a very interesting texture. Majority of drums are wooden but these are quite the opposite. This will give them a unique sound.
Here we see an older style of holding the heads to the wooden shell. The wooden shells giving each one a different texture and feel to them. The various depths also allow for different textures.
This drum is constructed entirely differently that what we think of when we hear drum. This drum will have a similar texture to smooth bone and the whole drum is one piece compared to modern drums.
This drum's artwork took an immense amount of time. Also a very early drum it is one solid piece and would produce a very deep sound. This drum tells an age old story with it's sound and look.
The drum has a very rugged texture and look to it which the army was trying to portray strength and power. You see this with the design on the head as well.
This hollow drum will have a wooden texture but the head choice and suspension is interesting. the rims will have a much deader sound and there will be more wear and tear in the middle.
This civil war drum really showcases the craftsmenship that people put into these pieces. The unique wood with an ancient suspension system for the heads are some very unique characteristics of the drum
This drum is a bit more elongated some some drums which will give the wood a different texture and a deeper produced sound. The artwork is very extensive and the wood makes it pleasing to the eyes.
I much smaller drum and a extra set of tension at the bottom this one would be used for background instead of the main act. The wood will feel different from others because of its size.
This photo isn't showcasing a drum, but when I saw the picture I personally felt the drums beating to this dance and I could hear the deep pounding of the skin of the heads.
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