Guzior Sculptures Clare 209 Sum 1

The sculpters in this gallery are all ***** influenced. The artwork that you see from places like China and Japan are so much different than the art that we have over here.

Again, with the mix of real and fantasy, this is just taking a man's face and, besides the fact that it's gold, it has things like the pointed ears and the wide mouth that make it fantasy.
This tiger reminds me of a dragon, at least in the head. The teeth look like the belong to a snake.
It's not so much th eshape of the bull's head, but the markings and grooves you see on it. It made something that was realistic into somewhat of a fantasy animal.
Asian sculptures always have a look or realistic but also fantasy-like. Even though a dragon clearly isn't real, you can get a sense that they had exsisted. That is a very oddly-shaped back tooth though.
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