Moving to the beat

This gallery explores the different methods artists use to show the power of music through movement within paintings, sketches and etchings.   

The image depicts an African American, and a couple of white men enjoying the music being played. The movement of this piece is guided through a series of lines, and emphasis with color. Starting from the left three gentlemen are in a barn, one is playing a violin, and the other two are listening. The colors used are plain mostly whites and blacks making the violin stand out. Moving across †o the right the gentlemen in front of the barn is kind of hidden from view of the others, but the colors put into this gentleman's clothing makes him stand out. The emphasis is placed on this character. This allows anyone viewing this piece to connect with him, his soft smile and far off gaze shows that he is lost in the music. This movement is important because it shows the power music can have, not only does it have an almost hypnotic effect, but it can also bring people together regardless of race.
This image depicts a man playing his clarinet with the aid of sheet music. The movement of this piece moves from the top of the painting to the bottom. The emphasis is placed on Mr. Goodman's face, hands and clarinet. The blurred background directs your attention directly to his face. He has a relaxed expression while playing his clarinet showing he is at ease with his craft. Moving down our eyes are next directed to his hands, they are lightly gripping the shaft of the clarinet while he is pressing down the keys. The last piece that our eyes are directed to is the clarinet itself. This movement is important to this painting because it shows how Mr. Goodman is not only a master clarinet player, but he also loves his craft.
This image depicts a mother holding her lute while taking care of her children.The movement of this piece goes from right to left. The woman holding the lute while feeding her children are the main point of this image they are emphasized by their size and detailing. In the background the Roman guards are battling. The movement within this image it important because it shows that music is an important aspect of life, but there are still more important aspects of life such as taking care of your family.
This image depicts a king and queen playing music for the people dancing. The vivid colors where the king and queen are seated demand attention. They sit in very relaxed positions playing what appears to be a guitar of some kind and another type of stringed instrument. They are wearing pajama type clothing with their royal garbs dropped casually over their shoulders. In the lower left corner the darkened background pulls the attention away from the king and queen. The people in this corner are dancing to the music. Each of the dancers are a different ethnicity the female facing outwards is white, the female facing inwards is indian, and the male appears to be spaniard. The positioning of their limbs and bodies show that they are each dancing the traditional dances of their culture. This is important because it exemplifies the way music brings everyone together. It also shows the relationship some royals had with their court.
This image depicts three oriental people, the male is playing on a drum while the two females watch him. The movement can go left to right, or right to left. Starting from the left there are two females sitting watching the male on the right drum. The soft, yet focused looks on their faces show the desire to learn about music. The man on the left is slowly beating on the drum the expression on his face is peaceful. The image is well balanced, and the lines only direct your attention to the lower middle where the characters are. This movement is important for this piece because there are no distracting elements to take away from the subtle gestures, and simple yet revealing facial expressions.
This image depicts a man playing a cello while a women dances to the melody. The movement of this piece takes us from the front of the image to the back. Every element is slightly blurred, but two figures are more clear than the others. The man up front with the cellos given emphasis for two reasons, the first is because he is darker in contrast with the rest of the image, and second he is clear in comparison to the rest of the image as well. In the back of the painting is a woman in white dancing. She is given emphasis for two reasons as well, the first being that she is much lighter than the rest of the image, and she is also clear in comparison to the background. This movement is important because it shows the relationship between dancer and musician. The blurred audience and other objects show that nothing stands in the way of a dancer and music.
This image depicts virgin Mary in the center of angels who are playing music. The movement of this image goes from the center out to either side. Virgin Mary is standing in the center of several angels she is bigger than the angels by a little bit. On both side of her are two larger angels holding scrolls of sheet music. The angels playing the instruments all have their attention directed to those scrolls while they're playing for the virgin. This movement is important because it not only exemplifies the importance of the virgin, but also the importance music plays in religion. The angels having their attention to the music shows the importance of playing perfectly for someone of such high importance.
This image depicts Greek mythological creatures Chiron and Achilles taking time to learn how to play music. The movement of this image goes from the top of the image to the bottom. The lines in the tree lead down to the centaurs and Achilles. Chiron is teaching Achilles how to play guitar out of a music book in his lap while the other centaur lays sleeping on the grass. This movement is important because it shows the relationship of music in nature, and in Greek mythology. Even in the mythological world music has a serene and calming effect.
This image depicts a woman playing an organ while a cherub pumps some billows in the back of it. The lines in this image lead the eyes directly to the center where the woman is playing on the organ. The woman is emphasized being lighter, and the cherub in the back is darker as if the shadow of the organ is overshadowing him. This is important because it shows the relationship of music with religion.
This image depicts a man playing guitar for his wife and niece, and his niece is innocently dancing to the rhythm. The movement of this image moves right to left the darkly contrasted background to the bright pink dress of the women first draws our attention to her. She is sitting calmly while her husbanded sits next to her playing his guitar. He is in a darker outfit, which attracts our attention to him. He has a soft, but happy expression playing his guitar for his niece and wife. From him we move to his niece who is childishly dancing to her uncles tunes. The last thing that is emphasized to the rest of the background is the table on the left, which is considerably darker than the rest of the image. On the table there is another instrument and a songbook propped open. This movement shows how music is a big part of this family’s life. The expressions on their faces and their calm demeanor helps to show the therapeutic effect the music has on them, and the passion they have for the music.
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