Contemporary Art

I liked this painting because it made me feel crazy and it makes my day more active. The painting gave me a feel of blazing flames in my chest. It even motivated me to workout.
I enjoyed this painting because it shows how the artist showed his feeling without using paint. I find it extremely creative and it has a lot of meaning.
Football is my favourite sport and Barcelona is my favourite team. This is made by Claudio Bravo, Barcelona's goalkeeper. I like that it shows how much meaning football has to him and I relate to it.
I thought this was extremely creative because it has every single country painted with its flag. I liked this painting because it shows the dedication of the artist to paint the smallest country.
This is one of Banksy's that shows his expressions towards society. This shows how Banksy does not like police men because they accuse him of vandalism so he made fun of them.
This painting got my attention because it shows how Banksy protests that they don't let him do graffiti and society thinks that doing art on the street is bad.
This painting gave me a laugh. I enjoyed it because it shows how conceptual artists have a lot of fun with their paintings. It gave me a laugh and I was happy all morning.
This painting is the funniest painting that I have seen. To paint this in a building is extremely funny and cool. This shows the expressions of Banksy and that he is a humorous artist.
I liked this painting because of the feel it gave me and the details. It gave a feel that I went back to my primary school days and doodled on my notebook.
This painting I enjoyed because it got my day active. I was feeling lazy and as soon as I saw this painting, I was active and full of energy. I see how the artist got the idea of the comic nuke.
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