The BLue and Yellow are the primary colors in the picture which are the background and floweres and vase. The color help make the art stand aout and show you what the iteam is.
The secondary colors in this picture are used to help the art look color full and pleasent which help the the name the peasent women.
These color in the art are complementary they complemt the primary and secondary colors. They just help everything go together and give it the unity aspect.
The one color in the art is green and the color scheme helps to show you the texture of the art which is a bunch of long rounded thing.
Black and white in the picture makes the picture stand out more. It helps the tree branches and leafs stick out and better portray the pictures of woods.
The color in this picture is analogous because its all tints and shades of the one color so they all go togehter.
this would be a cool color because it is light and not bright and dark. it helps portary the subject of the picture because moonlight is calm and light just like the cool color.
The red in the picture is the warm color it help the picture show the subject because the picture looks like an explosion so you need a color that is hard or brighter to show it.
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