Earth vs man

This gallery shows the way our home has been transformed and how we could see things as if they were not (Nature untouched vs Mankind). Most of the paintings were made using watercolor techniques and due to the landscape factor, most of them have a small amount perspective

angles also. This gallery was created by Miguel Angel Munoz.

This painting to me shows how simple life would be if we just left our planet alone, everything still.. calm. The artistic approach taken by the painter gave me a sense of depth and space and various textures that also made me appreciate even more the space and environment in general. This peace although it does not contain all the characteristics that pieces of art that under the category of realism have, it seems to achieve that realistic aspect perfectly to my eyes.
What I most love about this piece is first of all? the landscape in the background, it shows the true nature and roots of our existence, hard work and effort out of a land that is well kept and untouched by mankind. The color and texture is very warm and makes us feel "in home" due to the colors and how they were used in the piece. Normally green and yellow colors give the sense of home and comfort so that was a huge aspect that caught my attention when I saw it. The contrast between the people in the painting and the landscape is very well marked so the difference is seen easily, quite simple yet complete work of art.
This here my friends is what the call "La crème de la crème". A beautiful painting by Elieen Monaghan. The way she painted this building defines the contrast between nature and mankind. The ocean in the background is how mankind sees nature nowadays. Beautiful contrast in colors with well executed texture designs on the building walls and streets. What caught my attention of this painting was how real it looked with the shade in the building, beautiful painting.
Here is another beautiful artistic representation of what our roots used to be. Respect for earth as our HOME! Maybe it’s not a landscape, but we all know how humble farm worked live their lives, with respect for the land. In this pictures Texture and color ratio where a huge part of the piece. I think that how the artist executed the painting was just perfect. Its shows 2 humble working people with what I assume is the pay of a day’s work, food for their family. It relates to my topic for the simple fact that what I am stating as a theme is respect for our planet, not profit from it.
This landscape was made by Frederic Whitaker and it shows a river with low tie, it also shows the freedom and simplicity that mother nature represented by the birds and the blue sky, I selected this picture out of the others because those things spoke directly to me. The texture in this piece is very soft both to the touch and to the eye due to the technique that was used, watercolor.
In this painting I think we can see how our society has switched their priorities and rather be faithful to a flag than to their home, earth. We all know that governments will never do anything about the ecosystem or even global warming, but we still let them destroy it.. why? In this piece we can see great amount of colors giving it richness and different life to what the pictures represents. Although most of the colors are dampened by the technique used which was water color, we can still see the richness in textures and depth in the picture.
This painting does not have much to do with my topic in the way mankind has damaged or changed our home, but it is really remarkable how Frederic Whitaker made this painting come alive. The thing that most popped out to my eye was the sky, a black yet distinguishable dark fade in it made me think how he really made it work all together. Another thing was the way he painted the church, which is the centerpiece of the work. Lines among lines to create connections of each section of the church and a beautiful combination with watercolor made it stand out even more.
With this painting I start to close my gallery, why? Because I just want you to see this beautiful work of art that shows how delicate our home can be. These birds made with watercolor were one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen, the pattern of colors followed by the artist were really fantastic; also, the contrast color of the background with the birds makes it even more clear and understandable to the eye (not heavy on the eyes). Details were made and I think that was the main difference in this beautiful piece.
Mankind has adopted a business model for every single thing in their lives; families, relationships, and even the way the treat our home. Why business model? Because they do something if they cant get something out of it, and that for me is pitiful. I chose this picture to show how cold and how distant mankind has becomes with natural issues and catastrophes, if it didn’t happen to them? They don’t care. . we don’t care. In this picture we can appreciate how the artist made it stand out with the creation of contrasted colors and perspective (not in a large amount, but still used perspective using the tree has the “center”) to give sense of depth and distance. Well executed accompanied by great combination of colors for the houses in the backgrounds and the sky to remark the winter feel.
And last but not least, the piece “Fire in the Mountains” by Frederic Whitaker. I will not say much but I will say this, stop the madness and start caring. Another well executed piece using watercolor techniques and well used color contrasts. What most popped out for me was the way the fire and the smoke blended together to make the painting look as real as it could. Again, a very great executed painting.
Credits: All media
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