Shadow Falls Novels

In the series a Lion(2) is a significant character. In the second book a never truly disclosed character put a Lion in Kylie's room as a possible warning. Also Derek found out by speaking into the minds of animals (one of his gifts as a half fae) and found out the co-camp leader Sky was letting in the savage Blood Brothers gang into the animal sanctuary filled with endangered species. The cabin(3) signify the camp leaders cabin where Kylie would come to to speak with Holiday the Faery camp leader about all of her problems. The wolf(4) symbolizes her childhood friend Lucas Parker who is a werewolf, and the two doves(4) represent the shape shifters Perry and Kevin who get in a fighter over Miranda and drag Lucas in for Kylie got involved. The waterfall(1) symbolizes the place in book four where Kylie finds the sword gifted to her by Lucinda Esparaza to kill Mario (her father-in-law) an ancient evil supernatural trying to convert Kylie due to her protector gifts. The visible ghost(5) is to stand for her ability to see ghosts, where she finds what supernatural she is. Throughout the story the ghosts have led Kylie through her quests. 

Book 1
Lion represents book 2
Wolf and Dove book 3
Cabins represent all 5 books
All 5 books
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