The Color Green: Peace and beauty

The trees are bright green which means this takes place in a tropical place and its spring
She has green plants around her and she seems to be holding a giant fruit. Green could also represent vegetation or food.
Grass is green, everybody looks at peace and relaxed on this wonderful day.
The grass grows tall for the man and his wife talking a nice walk in the forest.
The rainbow shines bright over this peaceful green land
The sun sets on this beautiful day in this land
This little girl plays through the green flowers seeming happy
Looks like green and blue crystals
A beautiful morning where the grass is green
This image may be goofy however it seems to represent the artist's inner thoughts
The peaceful time of the age of Christ
Plants are green because they are part of nature and its the natural way for food.
Green can represent the beauty of nature but it can also represent decay or fungus growing
The beauty of nature needs to be protected sometimes
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