Color Art pieces

In this painting, the colors are very attractive especially the blue and green, which are very strong. It makes everything looks more alive.
The colors are very smooth and harmonic, and the use of shadows and light are very well done. The smoothness of the colors makes the characters look natural and alive, like they are pooping out of the image.
This is one of the artworks that most got my attention. The reason is because it is very realistic and all the details are very well done!
The same thing goes to this painting. I like the way that the light was used on it, especially because I really admire artworks in which it is focus only on the light effect on the shadows.
This art piece is very interesting because the colors are very smooth! Also, the colors are not that saturated but they are very well shaded that makes a great contrast between the background and the characters.
This painting is very general and simple, but the use of light and shadow makes a good contrast on it.
This is a majestic piece of work! The thing that got my attention the most was the huge amount of details on it related to the huge number of people painted on it.
As I mentioned before, it really gets my attention when the main work is the lighting on the shadows. It makes a big contrast on this piece of work.
This piece of art is really beautiful. It is very fancy and delicate because the details are very refined. The lighting is not that strong as the other paintings, but it is very smooth and makes this art piece harmonic.
This painting is very general, especially the details. The perspective worked on it is very well done because it is showing a sensation of depth on it.
This painting is really interesting. There is a lot of details because there are a lot of people painted on it. Not only these people but also the details on their clothes, also the details on the buildings and other stuff.
This painting is very realistic because the very small details were very well done on it. It brings a comfortable sensation when you look on it.
This painting is also very realistic. Everything looks very natural and peaceful. Also, the colors are very smooth, especially the clouds.
For sure, this is also one of my favorites because I love landscape paintings. The use of perspective using the lights and shadows makes this look also very realistic.
The perspective on this painting really looks like a picture. The saturated colors "next" to us and the weak ones "far" makes this look more realistic.
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