Appreciating Mediums

This gallery has works from many various types of media. All the works are one that I found to be particularly interesting and beautiful. 

"Flower Beds at Vétheuil" is an oil on canvas painting by Claude Monet. It was painted in France in 1881. Oil on canvas is my favorite medium because of the way all the colors seem to blend together and the edges are soft, but everything is completely its own at the same time.
"Harvest Under a Crescent Moon" is a wood engraving by Samuel Palmer that has been printed in relief on thin paper. It was carved in Italy in 1826 and depicts farmers harvesting by moonlight. Because it is a relief print the artist had to make every mark in the reverse that he wanted it to show.
"Vase" is a glass vase that was made by Louis Comfort Tiffany. It was made in New York in the United States between the years of 1893 and 1896. I chose this example of glass medium because I liked the simplicity of the vase as a pose to so many of the others that were very busy and covered in various designs.
"Standing Girl" is a charcoal drawing by Egon Schiele. It was drawn in 1908-1909 in Austria and is a drawing of Schiele's teenage sister Gerti. The reason I was really intrigued by this drawing was the intricate and almost grotesque hands he has giver her. They appear weathered and old.
"Road at La Cavée, Pourville" is an oil on canvas painting by Claude Monet. It was completed in 1882 in France. This painting I chose because I appreciated the dimensions and how the painting is broken into two sections. Land (near) and water (far). The artist uses a vanishing point to help the viewer understand the depth of the painting.
"Venice" is a drawing and a painting. It was first sketched with pencil and then painted over with watercolor. It was created by Elizabeth Nourse in 1891 in Venice, Italy. I was particularly interested in this piece of work because I love painting of the water, especially when it is in watercolor.
"Landscape" is an ink and color drawing landscape by Li Jian. It was competed in 1794 while Jian was living in Guangzhou, China. Jian was also know for his work in calligraphy, as shown in this piece.
"Scalo navale" is an oil on canvas painting by Wolfgang Lettl. It was painted in the early 1990's in Manfredonia, Italy. I chose to include this painting in my gallery simply because I love boats and oil on canvas is my favorite medium. I really enjoy this piece.
"The Black Sea. (A storm begins to whip up in the Black Sea)" is an oil on canvas painting by Ivan (Oganes) Ayvazovskiy (Gayvazovskiy). It was completed in1881 in Russia. Ayvazovskiy is best know for his marine paintings and I decided to include this particular work in my gallery because I appreciated the life he gives the ocean and the way it appears to be moving.
"Head of a Bacchante" is a drawing using mainly black, red and white chalk, with blue and pink pastels. The drawing is by Charles-Joseph Natoire and was created in 1741. Natoire was known for his drawings of the nude woman's body and I chose this drawing because of the beauty of her face and shoulders.
"The Star" is a drawing using the medium of pastel over ink. It is by Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas and it was completed completed in 1878. I included this painting because I wanted to have more paintings with the medium of pastels and I liked the contrast between the dark background and the pink of her dress.
"The Starry Night" is an oil on canvas painting by Vincent Van Gogh. It was created in 1889 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. As i have mentioned before in this gallery oil on canvas is my favorite medium and this is one of my favorite paintings of all time. I love the movement of the sky and use of different hues of blue.
"Lucerne from the Lake" is primarialy a pencil drawing with watercolor over it. It was created in 1845 by Joseph Mallord William Turner. I chose to add this piece because I enjoyed how the watercolor made everything run together, but how the pencil is there to define the lines anywhere the artist felt that they should be more defined.
"Divan Japonais" is a print originally drawn in crayon, with brush, spatter and was then transferred on screen lithograph and printed. It was drawn by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in 1893 in Paris, France. When looking for a crayon medium I found that most of the works available were very cartoonish. I chose this piece because of its historical relevance.
"Tapestry (The Nativity)" is a wool, silk and metal thread, tapestry by Jan van Roome. It was created in 1520 in Brussels, Belgium. This tapestry depicts the scene following the birth of our Lord and I chose to include it in this gallery because it has incredibly detail and color.
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