Early Italian renaissance

This portrait depicts Battista Sforza, the duchess of Urbino. She is adorned with jewelry and a hairpiece. This piece is a prime example of Renaissance art; it is detailed and the shadows are genuine.
This portrait is of Frederigo da Montefeltro, the Duke of Urbino. He has a crooked nose and is shown from the side. We chose this because it had realistic shading and is a true example of the new art.
This is a painting of St Sebastian, a saint who died in Rome from arrows being shot into him. He was tied to a column and murdered. We chose this because it shows true emotion and character
This is a portrait of a mythical woman who tells the thoughts of deities to a prophet who speaks the written word of God. We chose it because the chiaroscuro is so strong and lifelike
We chose the painting Judith Slaying Holofernes which depicts Judith and her maid beheading the Holofernes. We chose this piece because we liked the movement and the light and dark contrast.
This painting shows Gentileschi herself as she draws a picture. We chose it because of the detail's in her face and because of her use of complementary colors to make the image pop.
This is a painting of Saint Andrew standing with a bible in his hand and a cross to his side. We chose it becuase it is a good example of how religious art has improved since the middle ages.
This painting depicts baby Jesus, Mary, and Saint Anne. We chose it because of the details Macaccio put into the people and the background and its improvement from past depictions of Mary and Jesus.
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