JB's Relief Sculpture

Here some work to consider as you explore ideas of relief sculpture. Please see the handout. Not all of these are 'relief', some are three-dimensional sculptures meant to be viewed in the round (but in a photograph they are translated into 2-dimensions). These are somewhat randomly chosen and works are from Mexico, Rome, Babylon, Egypt, and include a few more modern/contemporary works. Also, please see the user gallery: JB's collage and assemblage gallery, and look at the relief constructions of Kurt Schwitters, Louise Nevelson, and whatever you can find for inspiration! Enjoy - I miss you all!

relief mosaic
low relief
minimalistic monochromatic relief sculpture from mid-1980's
also see the user gallery: JB's collage and assemblage.
higher relief
carvings into a leaf to create a relief incised image.
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