The World Imagination of Composition

By Kaylah Davis

I love the composition of different colors. It has repetition in it and its also emotional, which it means to love and be loved again.
This drawing is interesting because of the mood. The artist might have been depressed during a war, due to this dark blue color giving a feeling. The black lines are drawn by charcoal.
In this painting, the sky looks orange, the mountains are painted in dark gray, the water is colored in spectrum of blue, and the boats are sailing past the trees.
This painting has wonderful geometrical forms with random colors. It also adds well to the tannish background.
This artwork has a rhythm in it and a spectrum of colors. It's also abstract, which gives a spiritual feeling.
This painting is very imaginative because it has two animals that represents the boy and the girl falling in love. Their faces are pink, which means both of them are blushing.
This artwork is very imaginative; the fairy has colorful butterfly wings, a beautiful long flowing dress, and plants with dark and light green colors, which are surrounding her. The pond is beautiful and yellowish, and it looks like she's blowing out the torch.
The crows are hanging out near the tree. The tree is shaded with light and dark brown colors and the background has a nice light gold color.
I love this painting; an angel wearing a beautiful bluish dress is watching an illuminous sun rising.
I like this artwork because its more abstract with different colors that represent the mood
I love this artwork because the ground is orange, which is abstract. I think the sky is polluted because it looks yellowish, and there are steams coming out of the trains.
I like this masterpiece because it is created with cubism. The colors art separated, so the same ones can't be touched .
The reason why I like this artwork is because it has geometrical forms with mixture of colors.
To me, this composition in blue is very inspirational. In the painting, it looks like a house because it has a door and a garage next to it. And above them looks like a smily face in the center.
This painting might have a feeling of sadness because the buildings are blue. They're are shaded with yellow and there are also traffic jams.
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