Mask from around the world

Mask I find interesting from around the world. 

After researching this mask I've found it comes from Papua New Guinean. The dimensions of this mask is what caught my eye.
Hanoman who was the leader of the King Ramawijaya's Warriors, took the form of a white ape because he represents bravery, dutiful dedication and was able to rescue Sinta the wife of Rama.
Begtse is the Worldly protector of the Bogada Gregeens, the leaders of Mongolian Buddhism.
There are many different types of Japanese Demon mask and this is just one of them. Some Villages hold yearly ceremonies to drive away Oni particularly at the beginning of spring.
This mask represents the demon queen Rangda according to traditional Balinese Mythology.
Tatanua mask are used in funeral ceremonies in New Guinea
Malagan ceremonies take place irregularly, and are typically large and complex events, taking several days, and requiring months or years of preparation.
Hudoq is a Thanksgiving festival made up of the many sub groups of the Dayak. The mask represents the thirteen pests that destroy the crops.
Another mask from New Guinea
The mask is thought to be from the Arambak culture. It is said to represent the male ancestral spirit who lives in water or hollow trees. Worn during initiating boys into the men's secret society.
Jauk Manis is a solo male style masked traditional ritual dance. The defining features are his bulbous eyes, buck teeth, and long fingernails.
Seen this mask but wasn't able to find that much info about it other than what's on here.
Believed to belong to the Ndnunga society.
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