7th Grade research   (JACQUES-LAURENT AGASSE))

Jacques Laurent Agasse was an animal and landscape painter who was born in Geneva, Switzerland on April 24, 1767 and died on December 27, 1846. His family controlled the republic of France. In the summer, Jacques would spend his time with his family in Crevin, in Bretagne France. On their property, they had farms where Jacques began to develop his love for animals. At his house in the summer, he started sketching and drawing their farm animals. Later on in his life, Jacques Laurent Agasse made his first public appearance in his hometown of Geneva. Before Jacques knew what he wanted to do with his life, he went to Paris in his early twenties to study “the anatomy” of animals. Jacques wanted to be familiar with all aspects of the subjects that he wanted to include in his art.Throughout his life, Jacques was either in Switzerland or France. His fame in the art world wasn’t intentional. In Switzerland, he was painting an English man’s dog that passed away. This English man loved his work so much that he brought him to England where he became one of the most well known artists in England and of his generation. However, even though Jacques Laurent Agasse was well known, he was poor. He created art because of his passion towards it, not because of the money he could make. One of Jacques Laurent Agasses’ most famous paintings was “White Horse in a Pasture.” This painting was created in Winerthur, Switzerland. Jacques Laurent Agasses’ most famous paintings were landscapes of horses. He was very well known for depicting animals, especially horses. Many people recognized Jacques Laurent Agasse’s paintings as natural.  Jacques Laurent Agasse was very talented at creating realistic pictures and paying very close attention to detail.  Jacques Laurent Agasse was a talented animal and landscape artist of his generation.

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