Between Women Of Color - Shaundalier Johnson

My gallery displays the emotion of women of all ethnicities. Women of different culture backgrounds all may share different colors. Ethnicity doesn't make women who they are, its just an image. Stereotypes state that women of certain color are a certain type of woman. No matter what background you come, we are all the same no matter the color of our skin.  

A woman of a Japanese ethnic background is displayed in this art piece dressed in a yukata. The color and patterns used are used to share her race. This piece was the first portrait of its kind to show of the beauty of a Japanese woman.
This unique piece is of a woman with a sad but serious face. The artist used purple and black pastel colors to share her ethnicity. The lines used to draw this piece create a jagged and aggressive look. Her face is in the shape of a heart which sort of matches the artist signature.
This image is of a woman with no head. Her body parts are exposed but the big picture is that women are still beautiful even when you cant see them. The texture of the sculpture seems to look rough. The main focus is her body.
This piece displays the naturalism of a young European woman. The fruit is used as a distraction to display her innocence.The texture of her skin appears to be smooth with gives her a younger look.
A woman of Mexican ethnicity is display in this piece. She seems to be mourning by the expression on her face. The color black the artist used put the emotion of fear in the portrait. Negative and positive space was used to create this piece.
This piece is unique because it is unclear what race the woman actually is. She wearing a turban which is worn mostly by sikh and muslim women. The artist used complementary colors to give the piece a soft look.
A older woman is drawn using think lines in every direction. Both dark and light values are using in the shading of this black and white picture. This piece has no color but used a great repetition of lines used to draw this entire piece.
This sculpture is of a former black slave who became a model. The texture of the woman seem to be smooth which makes her skin look silky. This artist goal was to define beauty in every race which is different from race to race.
A woman who body parts are a little exaggerated and appears to be rich with the look of a goddess. She is wearing jewels over her lady parts and her pubic hair is curled. The shape and texture stand out in this piece.
This woman isn't considered pretty according to European standards but she's beautiful. The texture of the piece makes her look younger. The repetition of flowers create a sense of balance.
Credits: All media
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