The Harlem Renaisansse

By Kayla Smith

Langston Hughes was one of the best known writers of the Harlem Renaissance. He wrote essays, poems, and plays. One of his most famous poems was "The Negro Speaks of of Rivers."
During the Harlem Renaissance, African Americans painted in vibrant colors which represented their African roots. This painting, "Carolina Shout" represents how African Americans expressed themselves.
African Americans left the South and fled to the North due to racism and sharecropping. This movement was called the Great Migration in which they could thrive in all black communities.
Jazz is a form of music that originated in Africa. During the Harlem Renaissance, both blacks and whites could come together and dance with jazz music. Harlem was known for the jazz music and clubs.
During the Harlem Renaissance, African Americans came to the North in search of work. This photo depicts how hard African Americans worked to improve their lives.
The NAACP fought for African American civil rights. Many people were in support of African Americans gaining rights. African American contributions in all areas became an important part of society.
Painter Aaron Douglass was the first African American to experiment with modernism and to use symbols from African paintings.
During this time period, people of all races came to Harlem to dance and enjoy themselves in jazz clubs. Here, they could share ideas and express themselves.
African Americans could pursue their talents during the Harlem Renaissance. This picture is of Luis Armstrong, a famous jazz musician known for his amazing ability to play the trumpet.
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