Video Games

Classic Video-Game-Related items which should be easily identified!

Here is an Arcade. Arcades are where you go to to play video-games, which usually would require a small amount of change.
A hallway full of Arcade games and video-games. Arcades didn't only contain video-games.
A enemy from the game 'Space Invader', a game released in 1978 in which you destroy enemies with your spaceship whilst taking cover from their lasers!
A character from the game Space Invader which was made in Japan by Tomohiro Nishikado.
More Space Invader art, it was quite a popular game back in the day.
Yet another Space Invader character, probably a enemy which you would destroy.
A funny piece of street art about a Space Invader in a Santa Hat!
A character based of the game Space Invader.
A piece of Street art based of characters from Space Invader.
A funny piece of street art where a spray can is painting a Space Invader on to the wall.
Street Art inspired by the 1980 game 'Pac-Man'. It shows Ghosts (the enemies) running from Pac-Man after picking up a power-up.
An art gallery with characters and scenes from a few classic video-games! 'Pac-Man' characters are on the left and you can see the screen when playing 'Space Invaders'.
Some more 'Pac-Man' street art about Ghosts (Enemies) travelling in a line.
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