Perfect symmetry

These art pieces are all works of the art that's pretty hard to accomplish but it's full of unique beauty.

This art piece is the ideal perfect symmetry, no matter which why you split it each piece and design will be the same.
This is another work of perfect symmetry, cut it down the middle and you'll have the same image in half.
The metal is exactly the same in design, put them together and you'll have the same holes and design.
The same idea on each lace like cloth, a beautiful piece of art with the principal of design.
No matter which way to cut it the art will always be equal and the same.
The castle and trees are the same horizontally on the left and the right side, with the cross evenly in the bottom.
This gorgeous water castle is perfectly symmetrical the same each way.
This piece is a mirror of itself, the symmetry is amazingly done by hand.
The lady is the same on both sides making this a very symmetrical piece.
Minus the gates and the hanging lamps the architecture is symmetrical, even the support beams have the same design.
The hands and the flower are mirroring each other and the symbol cut in half mirrors itself as well.
The waxed hand is perfectly symmetrical to hold the candle wick.
His outfit, hat and face are symmetrical but his hands are in different positions.
Split down the middle this piece is ultimately even therefor it is classified as symmetry which is exactly what is means.
the stone dagger cut down the middle can easily mirror itself perfectly.
Every detail is identical on both sides of the woman's face all the way to her accessories.
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