The Tall Tale of Interesting

Artworks that either peak my interest, or that I love. 

The artist’s creativity draws my attention to this photo. This piece of street art is intriguing because of the cartoonish talent that is viewable in this photo. The artist’s attention to detail in the human anatomy and choice of bright colors makes the photo entertaining to the eye.
The illumination from the sunrise is striking. It adds a golden hue that capture’s the airplane that is increasing altitude in the rear of the photo. The photo captures a mix between modern times and past times, when tribes needed archers or hunters. The rich linen sashes helps depict what culture he is a part of.
The combination of the light teal color and the medium tone red offers a bright contrast of color that steals your attention. When you look more closely at the image, you notice two hands stretched out towards each other, passing a green skull. This street art is creative and adds beauty to wherever the train car travels.
With family that was raised in the Philippines, this picture speaks to their heritage. At first, the light blue sky and emerald coast waters caught my attention, as it looks similar to the Gulf of Mexico along the coast of Florida. Once I looked at the caption that belongs to the picture, I realized that this picture spoke more to me then just the scenery. The picture retell the historical battle they faced.
These boxes caught my attention with the design. It almost looks like the design is characters from a foreign language. The design looks like it was created out of a shell called abalone. The opaque rainbow look really stands out against the black surface of the box, and adds a sense of elegance.
My eye was attracted to this sculpture because of the way the metal material reflects the light. The material used looks like a cross between butter knives and silver, put together to make this large chandelier like sculpture. The spot light hits the sculpture and illuminates the showroom. The sculptures ability to reflect the light gives it a nice ambience.
This image reminds me of infrared photography. The fact that this picture is using two tones, gold and blue, allows you to still see each detail but gives it a layer of creativity. In the picture you can see a waterfall behind a building. It appears that the picture is out of an Asian cultured area, like China. The usage of two tones allows the viewer to imagine what the place would look like in person, at the same time not over complicating the colors.
The inscribed royal gem from Kuwait, really caught my attention. As a person that has a basic level of engraving, I know that etching on glass can be very difficult. The other part of this gem that I find intriguing is that it is from the Middle East, a place I would much love to explore. You can easily make out the writing, and can see that the language was delicately transcribed on the gem.
The rainbow of colors on this star burst like sculpture caught my attention due to it’s appeared location. It appears as if the star burst is located on a harbor walk, where people could view it daily. The array of colors against the blue sky adds a nice contrast of colors. I particularly like this image because it really steals your attention, and can be used as a great conversation piece.
Rock art is one of the oldest forms of art I learned about in school. Being part Native American, I find the history and arts very intriguing. Rock art is known to be art that tells a story, or several. Because there is no book that contains the stories from way back when, it leaves it open for every individual’s imagination to determine what they may have been telling a story about.
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