Diana Lantigua

I went color, because the world is full of life and I feel that colors tell the best stories. I chose knowledge as my theme, because without the mind working, we would not have cities, cars, education, jobs. Life couldn't exist without the brain thinking and knowledge being created. 

This explains the meaning of knowledge by the artist learning how to paint while he is painting his own painting. It truly shows us on education and learning works.
I think bravery is a big part in learning something. It allows us to make a decision and choose a path.
The mind works in many wonders. We have unlimited amount of imagination to think of anything we want.
Knowledge also allows us to have the ability to help others. It gives us the power to use our thoughts for good.
I think this picture shows us how the mind sees through the eyes of the soul. How we view life and how life can be viewed from anyone's aspect.
This picture pops of color and makes the mind go wild. I see this and think of the circus. The mind surprises us everyday.
I think this is a mind trick which really makes us have to think about this illusion and guess if it's really popping out at us.
The painter probably did not see the same thing as he painted this model, but that's what his mind called to him and he used his knowledge to express how he feels the model should really look like.
Thinking out loud gave people the ability to build cities, create towers, and build sky scrappers. It's so amazing and beautiful to see all of this come to life.
Knowledge also gave the ability to build transportations. We can now get around faster and easier.
Sometimes the mind is crazy mess sometimes and people need to let those wild emotions go. I like this one, because it expresses the craziness that life brings us sometimes.
The mind is the biggest mystery there is, but we all are curious about what it can hold. We've created so many advances in so many subjects and it amazes me every day.
Knowledge can also lead to love, and I think that's what this painting represents, because love can be mushy and messy and we have to think what would be the best for us sometimes.
The mind sometimes needs that vacation from everyone and everything and life can be tough. We all need an escape route like this painting to ease the mind and relax.
Credits: All media
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