principle of contrast

This piece utilizes contrast by adding orange and red colors of the sunset on the top of the artwork and darker colors for the land on the bottom.
The white and black colors of the crane against the background environment create contrast by allowing the crane to stand out.
A definite contrast is created between the light-colored background and the bright red color of the flower.
This piece demonstrates the principle of contrast by making the greenery stand out against the bright clear sky.
Contrast is shown in this piece by using black and white as opposing colors to create comparison and shading.
This piece uses contrast by utilizing dark brown colors for the bold horses, and light colors for the surrounding environment.
The principle of contrast is used in this piece as a way to make the buildings and horse stand out against the darkness.
Contrast is used here as a way to focus the eye of the audience on the conflict at hand, through using light colors in the background of the artwork and darker colors at the center of the piece.
In this piece the green of the trees contrast the blue of the water, and the use of reflection creates contrast between reality and perception.
The principle of contrast is shown between the bright colors of the mobile objects and the light colors of the background.
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