The Impact Of Technology

Technology has become part of our lives and no matter how much we try to avoid it, it surrenders us. Technology has had great impacts on us but also it has affected the way we have become. This gallery of twelve images is supposed to tell other how technology has changed over time and what it is expected to be seem later in a few years from now. It will also tell how technology has affected us and it what way. Technology has impacted us for good and for bad and it causes us to view it in different ways, so this gallery will explain a little bit more about those impact on human in their daily life. In a few images it will also take us back to how technology used to be and how view it now. In other images it will take us to the future to see how technology is expected to be like and the affects of it on us. In other images it will be a little more personal explaining what technology is doing to us. The point of this gallery is not pursue you to view technology as a bad or good thing but instead to just take a moment to see how technology has impacted us and how it will be affecting us in the future too.

I chose this image because it over looks the city and it shows how light up it is. It shows how the entire city is light up with all the technology we have now, for examples the cars, the light on the street, and entertainment building and apartments. This image shows how we are surrounded by technology everywhere we go and we can't really avoid it because we used it every day, such us our cars and light. This image also shows how much of our technology is used every day and how we used it. It also shows that might be using too much of our technology by having everything be lighting up.
This imagine of the phone with signals inside that look like human shape bodies is very interesting because it looks like the people are living inside the phone. I think this represents a lot of people now people some people are so attached to their phone and other technology that it basically becomes their life. Some people even play game where they create themselves and their life but in reality their story is different. I also feel like now technology is always around us, and it seems like we can never get away from it, so it seems like we are stuck in our own technology unable to get out.
This picture reminded me a lot about the Virgin Mary carrying her dead son Jesus because the structures are very similar. Although the child is a robot I sort of see an a human being carried by a robot because the two robots are structured and painted differently. When I see this image it makes me feel like the child robot is us human being carried by a robot after our extinction. I feel like we will become like the robots child people human kind will create robots to protect us but our existence will come to an end and robots will be left over to take our planet.
I really love this picture because it 100% describes us, because whenever you have a question you can just google it and found thousands of response. Also I feel like this is very true because our phones are now very advise that you can download a lot of apps to teach you things. For example, there are apps that teach you a new language, or helps you get better in math. Some phone like the Iphone now come with "Siri" which is basically your phone talking back to you answering to whatever you tell Siri. Due to this I feel like now our phone contributes so much to our daily educations.
This picture sort of took be to the future because the technology seems so advance. Although we have advance from sending letter to just texting to others to communicate with us, or seeing each other on our computer or phones our technology is not as advance yet. Although our technology is not there yet, I think it will get there at some point because now we are changing so fast and we are changing technology like every minute. I really liked this because it sorta tells us what we already know that's going to happen, technology is going to help us become more connected to each other.
I feel like this picture describes our future very well because we are getting very close to making everything touch screen. I mean like we already have touch screen phones, touch screen computers and a lot more. I think that in the future investors are going to find a way to make everything see through and touchable. I feel like this would make it easier to work with because you could move things around and just work in one single area without having to have paper every where or have like hundreds of windows open on your computer.
As soon as I saw this image I thought of a mini laptop because of its structure. After reading the tittle I realized it was a compass, and I found it more interesting because of its size. It got me thinking that now our compass are no small and very updated to make it easier to use and get more information that just a pointer to the North or South. It also reminded me of how when people how lost they would use a compass to sort of guide the way out, but now all we need is our phones because we all now have GPS, which tells us every single direction that we need to take to arrive to our destination.
I feel like the tittle, "Internet for everyone," says it all because well now there's internet every where. Restaurants and public places are now even providing free Wi-Fi to their costumers. Now it seems like Wi-Fi has also become part of lives and that's due to always being attached to our technology we need Wi-Fi for faster access. I also feel like this art piece doesn't just show that we have internet every where now, but also the fact that everyone, every where is on the internet. This also illustrate that everyone is connected to each other by the internet because you can know people from different places of the world without even meeting them in person.
I feel like in a way this art piece illustrates our future because it is assumed that in the future robots will take over our planet. I found this art piece interesting because of all the cables and interaction that going inside the brain because I feel like now being on our technology all the time it's causing the opposite of this picture. Our brain is slowing down because we don't really have to think as much or as hard because we have our technology can answer a lot of questions. I also liked this art piece a lot because it seems like the head it getting cut off right in the middle as it kind of seems like technology is killing the human brain.
Although this art piece doesn't have much to do with technology in it, I still chose it because I feel like the use of technology is making everyone more isolated. I don't think it matter if we have hundreds of friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram because in real life people don't communicate anymore with each other and it's making us more isolated each day. People spend more time on their technology that it seems like they forget to make connections with people. I feel like this happens a lot because we can find everything on the internet that we don't depends of other to keep us updated.
I think that technology and social media go together in a way and this art piece proves it. The person in this art piece is using technology and social media to prove that he is okay and that he is doing great by using the thumbs up, but if you look around him the conditions are not the best and he using social media to show others something that it is not real. This shows that a lot of people are hiding behind their technology to not show the real them because their reality might not be as great as they make it seem like.
I really like this image because it has a lot of old technology that we haven't used in years, even decades. I like this because it doesn't just show one image of one old technology, but instead it was a lot of technology that was invited in different time period. This image made me realized not only the fact of how much our technology has advance but also the fact that our technology is like changing every minute. New technology is being invented and we are forgetting of how everything started and how everything was created.For example we forget that all this machine existed and what they were even used for because they have changed so much over the years.
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