Still Life

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Maddie Smith

The artist uses form and texture for elements of design. The artist does a good job using shadows to portray the objects as 3D. The texture of the peaches appear fuzzy and soft, the walnuts are hard and brittle, the mug is shiny, and the grapes have a translucent effect.
The artist uses color and value. There are many colors used and they are bright. There is no dominant color. The values are used to create 3 Dimensionality of the wall in the background. The artist does this by using shadows.
The elements of art used are color and shape. The color of the fruit is a mustard yellow and the background is grey and dull. The grey background is used to emphasize the fruit. The shapes used are organic and simple.
The artist uses space and color. The flowers are overlapping the plates and mugs creating space. The space is shallow due to the closeness of the plates and mugs. The painting has an equal amount of positive and negative space.
The artist uses color, space, and form. The colors correspond to nature and the dominant color is blue. The space is overlapping and shallow due to the green bench being so close to the table. The form is 3D.
Credits: All media
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