Arthur, The Once and Future King

This gallery collects art, photos, and replicas from the times of the Athurian legends.

This portrait is of the famous Knights gathering before their epic journey. At first glance, the intense colors of the foreground stand to attention draped against the dry sand contrasts of the backgrounds.The eye moves from left to right as the colors become more vibrant until revealing the king covered in gold.
This hand drawn trifold picture covers three famous figures of Britain's past.The gentle lines used to draw each character feel smooth and connected easily. Its a simple straight forward shot with nothing to see other than the intense details of each individual.
Beautify hand drawn by Rossetti, this depiction of the final meeting between Sir Lancelot and The Lady Guinevere as told in the legends. The rich red colors of the cherished knight contrast boldly with the thick, black morning dress of Guinevere. The close, somewhat, smashed feeling of the drawing present the constant pressure of the love they tried to hide from their now dead King.
The ivory casket used scenes from famous romantic tales of Britain's past. Knights surround the box, including tales from the Camelot greats. Hand carved with each section representing a different scene, the ability to create a deep texture and a strong dimensional picture are amazing.
Elaine, depicts the lesser known story of the woman who loved Sir Lancelot. She dies from a broken heart and is carried to the kingdom of Camelot to be buried. The gorgeous gold burial blanket covering her angelically white skinned body portray her glowing innocents. The color palette consists of only green, browns, and yellows, except for the dark black cover to the mourning bed.
Merlin is the wizard who passes his knowledge on the young king and watches over him and his reign as king. Here in this photo, Merlin is portrayed wearing a long flowing cape that seems to stem from his long white beard. The idea being that flowing fountain of knowledge that merlin represents can be brought out externally.
Another scene from the legends, Shalott looks off the shore to see Lancelot the Brave. The amazing photo realistic quality of the painting has incredible detail in the waves of the water and the shrubs near her hand. There is a deep visual of the lands beyond her that can be seen far beyond just the woman in the boat.
From the age of Arthur, some replicas of Excalibur look similar to this middle age sword. Here the smooth handle fits the grip of the knights hand and is contrasted against the clean, yet sharp blade. The weapon is both beautiful and deadly for its time.
This is a glass design telling the story of the holy grail. The incredible balance of the grail and goblet pair portray separate stages of the life of the grail. The smooth circular style compliment each individual portion of the story being told.
This page from the old legends collects a story of Lancelot fighting on his way to joining the knights of Camelot. This wonderful page of parchment draws smooth lines of dialogue and is given small snapshot style illustrations to accompany its balances columns of words.
This painting shows us the Roman interpretation of the great British king. The intense figure seems to fill up the canvas leaving little space for anything else. The heroic pose and flow of the red cap behind him stands out before the brown glow of the light behind him.
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