The Effects of Gender

A museum exhibit bringing Sophocles and Sigmund Freud's works together in a way that ties their important messages and themes together. In this exhibit, the objects being used are there as a visual stimulant for the message that is trying to be conveyed. Freud and Sophocles both have perspectives on sexuality and how that effects the actions of both men and women. This exhibit's goal is to demonstrate their understanding of sexuality.

The Confidence of Man demonstrates Freud's perspective on the role of women. This painting shows a man talking down to a women, empowering himself.
Spear Shaft is a painting that encompasses Freud's belief of sexuality as a form of strength for men, as this spear shaft is a symbol of male sexuality.
Persecuted Lovers is a painting that demonstrates Antigone's fate. This painting shows the imminent fate of this couple, as Antigone knew her fate being a woman going against the king (male).
Cleopatra is a great symbol of female sexuality. Cleopatra; like Antigone, would not let her gender define her actions.
The man in this painting demonstrates Freud's concept of male sexuality. This painting shows a man that has dominated a wild animal for a sense of pride.
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