Elements of Art and Design

I have never given nor recieved unauthorized aid on this work. -Marissa Carter

The lines in this piece appear rough and quickly drawn, giving it a sketchlike feel. The artist uses liberal amounts of crosshatching and patterns of varying intensity to create value. Most of the lines in this piece are implied.
The light tones of the watermelon and sky-blue background contrast with the grey surface the watermelon is placed on. The reds and oranges of the piece contrast directly on the color wheel with its greens and blues. This piece's colors give dynamic contrast to the piece, but their generally light tones give the piece a more melancholy mood.
The texture in this piece is simulated texture; the hare's fur looks thick and fluffy, like you could reach out and pet it. The incredibly realistic texture is achieved by multiple short lines in white and brown pencils.
The woman in the center of this piece is dressed in white, and light tones are used in painting her. The background of the contrasts with the woman by being made of only dark tones, shades of black and dark brown. This contrast creates a quiet, contemplative and melancholy mood.
This piece is simple and abstract, but its use of color and shape stand out. There are almost no lines in this piece, just shapes. The buildings and their windows and doors are rectangles, while the plants/bushes/trees are more circular in shape.
The beautiful, hyper-realistic style of this piece uses form in making its subject look 3D and real, as if the painting was a photograph. Value also allows for form to be visible- the shading and highlights this piece uses causes the circular shapes (head, arms, etc) to look 3D.
Space exists in many forms in this piece. The most notable use of space in this piece is the white/negative space that surrounds the four figures that stand in the foreground and the use of depth. With the use of foreshortening and the figures and the foreground, middle ground and background and their reflections on the water-like ground, there is a strong sense of depth and perspective.
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