It looks as if this is a picture instead of a paint. The skill of drawing containers by the painter was so adept that the reflection of the light was expressed thoroughly in the work.
Monet's speciality of painting blurry things makes him distinct. He always used the similar colors to paint various things. No matter how blurry he painted, we can still know what he really painted.
The cloud looks like the real clouds. The painter also made a good connection from the blue sky to the orange sunset clouds. On the processing of the reflection of the water, he drew details out.
If not looking at the head of the woman, I would consider the dress as a photo taken. The painter painted the details out, even the little ones, and he managed to draw the light reflection accurately.
The special arrangement of colors attracted me. The painter used bright white in the middle and put darker colors like red and black on the two sides to show the comparison.
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