Charlie Patrick

Color Schemes

Triadic Colors are used here, and it creates a mood of equality throughout the painting. The colors used are; red, yellow, blue, and some green.
Cool colors are used within this painting, and it creates a sense of cool, and stillness. The color used are; blue, white, and dark blue.
An Analogous is used here, and it shows a display of origin. Each figure represents something within the painting. The colors used are black, red-orange, yellow, and green.
Monochromatic is used here, and it displays a look of almost dead. The grey black and white displays a scene of stillness.
Complementary colors are used here, and each color brings out another. It creates a mood of awe, and soothes the eye. The colors used are;
Warm colors are used here, and they show a display of warmth. The reds, pinks, and yellows come together to give a warm look with the flowers.
Credits: All media
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