Era of reform

A Change in Factory Work and Immigrants

This is a trunk similar to the trunks the immigrants brought over from their countries. This would often hold all that they needed to survive the ship ride and a few personal belongings. This would be all they owned in the new world.
This is a factory machine. These machines made everything from shoes to furniture. Many people only survived due to the money made off of these machines, but they were very dangerous and unsafe. This was one of the many reasons our country needed a reform.
This is an artifact from a factory in the early 1800's. These aprons were worn by the workers. They were very dangerous as the loose edges could get stuck or tangled in machinery, and many people were seriously injured because of them.
This was a rifle used by the militia that Frick used against the workers on strike. It killed many workers and is a large part of the reason we have worker's rights today.
A lot of time has passed since the Era of Reform, and our country has changed for the better. Thanks to these reforms, we now have safe working environments, no slaves, better machinery, worker's rights, and many other things we take for granted that these people fought for us to have.
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