Jesus and his disciples

This gallery will show depictions of Jesus Christ and his disciples who followed him. There are many depictions and ideas of how these gatherings and events happened. These are the the artistic ways that they have been represented.

This picture depicts when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.They all stood in awe in this picture as their lord went to his knees to wash their feet, to show how much love he had for them. The focal point being the disciples.
This photo shows Jesus at the temple seeing the greed that had developed over time and this is where he made a scene and preached to the people how they horrible they were acting at a holy place. This painting shows Jesus as the focal point and also the people in the background showing they're greed.
This painting depicts Jesus lecturing doctors on faith in healing. In the bible Jesus made many miracles happen, in this many looked to Jesus and investigated him on how he could heal someone of their ailments without medical care.The depth to me shows Jesus being the focal point of this painting and colors such as the gold halo behind bringing attention to Jesus.
In this Last Supper depiction. Jesus is surrounded by his disciples and this is where they break bread for the last time. In the photo Judas is depicted looking very sinister and Jesus happy with the halo once again behind Jesus' head. Their is also depth in seeing the buildings in the background.
This is another depiction of the Last Supper. In this painting compared to the last one shows less plates and less disciples at the table.Jesus also looks more somber than in the last photo. However the one thing that stays very common in most of these photo's is is the halo behind the head of Jesus.
This painting shows the night before Jesus was captured in which he knew what he had to do and in this he prayed to god so hard that he was sweating blood. Jesus was scared and begged his Father god to save him from his impending demise. In this photo not only Jesus but his disciples sleeping in the garden have Halo's behind their heads as well. The Angel is also there to show that God was with Jesus the whole time.
This is the depiction of the greatest betrayal ever, which was a picture showing when the Romans came to arrest Jesus because he was the self proclaimed " King of the Jews", according to The bible it was Judas one of his disciples that told them where Jesus would be, and he was paid for his information.
This is one of the greatest known images in history being the crucifixion. There are many renditions of this scene.This is where the Bible says Jesus died for all of mankind so that they may be saved through him by Jesus taking all of mankind's sin away. The focal point being Jesus on the cross.
This is a painting of the burial of Jesus. What I noticed about this painting in that it is very dark, where Jesus is still the focal point, but it's still very dark and looks to give you the emotional connection of being sad at this scene or even angry.
In this final Painting it shows when Jesus ascends to heaven after returning from the dead and reappearing to his disciples. This Painting shows Jesus with two angels by his side and his disciples looking on from the ground in which they have the gold Halo behind their heads along with Jesus to show depth in the painting.
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