This gallery focuses on texture and dimension. I've titled it "Resist" because the various textures used in each of these works are enticing and difficult to resist touching. 

The way that this piece is composed makes the viewer want to reach out and smooth the fringe in order to get a clearer look of the image.
The collage within the butterflies contains a wide variety of textures and stimulates the viewer's eye.
This is a complicated piece containing a multitude of textures. Many images within the collage have a unique and defined look, triggering the viewer's curiosity.
This piece has an extreme amount of texture and creates a complex appearance.
Though simple, this piece contains various textures that are visually intriguing.
The lighting used in this piece creates shadows and highlights that emphasize the smoothness of the skin and hair, and the eyes appear to glisten.
This chaotic piece gives the illusion of a rough raised texture.
This mixed media piece contains several different textured materials creating a unique image. The different materials seem to clash and flow against each other.
The rough appearance of this piece causes a strong stimulation of touch sensory. It is much calmer than the other works in this gallery, yet still manages to have strong dimension and texture.
This is a chaotic piece containing various textures and depth, while still creating a legible image.
While other works in this gallery are quite rough, this piece has a smooth and soft appearance, almost plastic-like.
This piece creates a strong urge in the viewer to peer behind the hair covering the artwork.
The raised texture of the butterflies creates an attractive depth while tempting the viewer to touch the butterflies in order to see if they do in fact feel real.
It is hard to see the different textures in this image flow together, which causes slight chaos.
This notebook contains taped-in sketches with various levels of dimension.
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