American dream

Danielle Matte

The artist painted the flag as part of the sunset, the skies opening into the starry night creating the stars, with the glow of red and white clouds creating the stripes.
The Grand Canyon is enormous. The artist adds depth to this painting to help display the vast canyon.
The artist makes this giant rock appear beautiful. The way he paints the sun rising with the boats in the background and the waves crashing is what one would see when visiting Castle Rock.
The artist does a wonderful job of capturing the beautiful Florida sunset. WIth the surrounding oceans and multiple lakes, many could see sunsets like this throughout the whole state.
When visiting New York in the winter one would be able to experience the snow falling while barely being able to see the ginormous sky scrapers that surround the city.
This painting captures the quietness of the city. This painting has also appeared in many movies and television shows since first painted.
Credits: All media
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